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  • Excellent 1D scanning performance ------ Delivers superior scanning speed and a wide data capture range
  • Captures virtually all 1D bar codes on any surface ------ Including mobile phone displays Capture bar codes printed on traditional paper labels or displayed on the screen of a mobile phone, tablet or computer
  • Industry-leading working range ------ Reads 13 mil 100% UPC bar codes from 1 in./2.54 cm to over 30 in./76.2 cm as well as high density codes and extended ranges for greater application flexibility
  • Superior motion and angular tolerance ------ Bar codes can be captured faster, and there is no need to pause during scans
  • Withstands 100+ consecutive drops to concrete and 1,000 consecutive 1.64 ft./ 0.5 m tumbles ------ Ensures reliable operation despite the inevitable everyday drops to help maximize uptime

  • Product type: Mobile data collection
  • Supported codes: 2D + 1D
  • Keypad: No
  • Operating system: Android
  • Wireless: Bluetooth, WLAN, NFC

?4B8C or 5B8C adjustable Cash Drawer (RJ11)
?Bill Width: 84/87/85/85mm,Bill Length: 183mm
?Coin Width: 80*84*84*81mm,Coin Length: 57mm
?2 Check Slots, 3 Position Lock
?Removable coin tray
?Optional bill and coin compartment
?Size: 405(W)*420(L)*100(H)mm
?Gross weight: 8.5 kgs

Z-3100 is the upgraded version of ZEBEX middle-range handheld CCD scanner with faster scan rate, longer scanning depth and better decoding ability.
At a superior rate of 330 scans per second, ZEBEX proprietary Ultrascan hardware decoding technology empowers Z-3100 to decode the majority of 1D barcodes as well as GS1 DataBar.
It has working range up to 300 mm and is able to decode a barcode wider than 102 mm.

• Proprietary Ultrascan decoding technology
• Streamline design and Large trigger for effortless operation
• 32-bit micro processor unit
• Analog image capture technology
• Support presentation scan mode
• 0 – 100,000 Lux light immunity
• Captures barcodes on mobile phone, tablet, or computer screens

The Gryphon 4500 series stands out with an elegant and trendy design, user friendly ergonomics and features the most advanced megapixel sensor with warm-white-illumination 2D technology for outstanding performance.The Gryphon 4500 omnidirectional imager provides snappy reading performance on all common 1D and 2D codes. High Density (HD) models are available for reading smaller, condensed codes as well as a dedicated version with red illumination optics to support Digital Watermarking.Datalogic's Motionix motion-sensing technology enables the scanner to intuitively switch into hand held mode when the device is picked up. When placed back into the cradle, it seamlessly returns to stand mode. The adjustable position cradle provides the flexibility to use the scanner in presentation or stand mode while it is charging.The wireless models feature Bluetooth wireless technology (GBT model) or narrow band radio communications with Datalogic's STAR Cordless System (GM model).One of the most important technical innovations that the Gryphon 4500 wireless readers achieve is the wireless charging system for the battery, which enhances the reliability of the entire solution, while lowering the total cost of ownership (no need for contact cleaning or maintenance procedures). The maximum reliability offered by the Gryphon wireless charging technology means 24/7 activities with no stops for maintenance or repair and top-level operating productivity and performance.The Gryphon 4500 imagers are also available in Healthcare models featuring disinfectant-ready and anti-microbial enclosures for applications in the Healthcare industry.

Functionality and control CPU type 32bit Display type 160x160 - resolution - white LED backlight Expansion Supports up to 8GB MicroSD, USB mass storage Data storage 25 days Keyboard 24 keys with backlight Memory for program 8 MB Flash Memory for data 4 MB SRAM, 8 MB SRAM Indication Two-color LED (red / green, blue / green), vibration, voice RS232 communication interface, USB-HID, USB-VCP Wireless WLAN communication: IEEE 802.11b / g WEP, EAP, WPA (PSK)

Zebra DS2278 Handheld Barcode Scanner - Wireless Connectivity1D, 2D

2D barcodes have made their way to your Point of Sale (POS), appearing on everything from the items your customers are purchasing to printed and electronic coupons and loyalty cards. Your 1D scanner can"t capture the new 2D codes, leading to exceptions that slow down the check-out process and frustrate customers at that key last personal touchpoint in your store. But with the DS2200 Series, you can scan it all. You get an affordable 1D/2D imager that doesn"t compromise performance or features for price. And you can choose the model that best fits your POS needs - the corded DS2208 or the cordless DS2278. In addition to providing best-in-class scanning functionality, the DS2200 Series is easy to deploy, easy to use and easy to manage. The DS2200 Series is pre-configured and ready to use right out of the box. Workers get best-in-class first-time, every-time scanning with true point-and-shoot simplicity. When it comes to management, our no-cost tools make it easy to manage scanners in all your locations and develop a custom scanning application to best meet your specific business needs. The DS2200 Series "" delivering the affordability your budget demands, with the deployment, ease of use and management simplicity your business requires.

Zebra DS2208 - USB Kit, Corded Area Imager, Standard Range. Color: White. Includes USB cable and stand.

ZEBEX Handheld Laser Scanner, PS2 Interface, Light and Rugged, 630 nm Light Source, Reliable and Sensitive Scanning.

YJ3300 is an affordable hand-held laser barcode scanner that offers an alternative to CCD scanners. Its functional ergonomic design enables itself to fit in a wide variety of applications.


  • Compact design and outstanding performance: Integrated state-of-the-art laser decoding technology enables high-speed and sensitive scanning performance
  • Reads all linear barcodes: Reads all popular standard 1D barcodes in the world, meeting the requirements of most application conditions
  • High cost-effectiveness: Enjoys a superior performance at a low price, the performance of a laser scanner bought at the price of a red-light scanner
  • Ergonomic form factor: Increased comfort in using experience decreases long-time operation fatigue

Mindeo MD2000AT Hand Held Laser Scanner - USB Interface, Infra-Red Auto-Induction, Including Stand

Read all common 1D barcodes

Ergonomic and stylish design

Infrared auto-induction

Minimum resolution: 5 mil

IP52 ensures high reliability and durability

Withstand over ten million times’ button press

Withstand multiple 4.0 m (13.1ft.) drops to concrete

Compatible with all POS systems

Easy firmware upgrade

  • Reads 5.0 mil Barcodes: Aggressively decodes high-density barcodes and optimises checkout procedures
  • Multiple Interfaces
  • Diagnostic Indicator
  • Remote configuration and Flash upgrade

MS7820 Solaris vertical mini-slot scanner increases productivity with an unmatched feature set that aggressively scans high-density codes and fits easily into any existing enclosure found in small-item, high-volume retail environments.

Designed to increase system output and lower the total cost of ownership, the MS7820 reduces on-site service costs and downtime in convenience, drug, specialty, liquor, and grocery store environments.

With an extended depth of field and advanced decoding software, cashiers can scan all standard barcodes on the first pass with minimal concern for orientation or print quality.

Honeywell Solaris 7980g - USB Kit, 2D Imager, vertical Presentation Scanner. Includes USB cable.

YJ-HH360-R-2USB-1 USB KIT, BLACK, 2.7M cable(CBL-500-270-S00), STAND(STND-15F03-101-4, STAND, 15.24 cm (6 ") FLEX, YJ-HH360)

Honeywell HH400 2D Scanner USB Black, 2.7m cable, Global SKU with Stand (STND-15F03-101-4), Red LED 617nm scanner, Image scanning type, 4mil Minimum precision, Decodes standard 1D and 2D bar codes

  • Brand : Honeywell
  • Form Factor : Desktop
  • Scan Type : CCD
  • Model Number : YJ-HF600-1-2USB

Honeywell Voyager 1452g - USB Kit, Honeywell Voyager 1452g, cordless, 1D omnidirectional. Color: Black. Includes cradle and USB cable.

  • Highly visible 4-Dot aimer with center cross for targeted scanning
  • Motionix motion-sensing technology for seamless reading mode transitions
  • Omnidirectional reading, Advanced motion tolerance optics
  • Multi-interface options: RS-232 / IBM 46XX / USB or RS-232 / USB / Keyboard Wedge / Wand
  • Datalogic’s patented ‘Green Spot’ for good-read feedback

Datalogic QW2100 - USB Kit, Linear 1D Imager. Includes USB 6' straight cable and stand. Color: Black.

Magellan 3450VSi, Kit, USB Keyboard Scanner, 1D/2D Model, Counter/Wall Mount, Power Brick/Cord (EU), Type A 4.5 m/15 ft Cable


The Magellan 3200VSi is perfect for high performance small counter retail environments that require 1D/2D vertical scan needs. Whether it's the drug store, c-store, or specialty store the 2200VS is a great fit! Magellan 3200VSi Bar Code Reader (with EAS, 2D, IBM USB Kit, STD Back Cover) MGL3200VSI 1D/2D EAS ANTENNA STD BACK CO Datalogic (PSC) Magellan 3200VSi MGL3200VSI W/EAS,2D,IBM USB KIT,STD BACK COVER MGL 3200VSI WITH EAS ANTENNA, 1D/2D MODE MGL3200VSI/EAS ANT/1D/2D STD BACK COVER/IBM USB POT CABLE Magellan 3200VSi, Kit, IBM USB Scanner, 1D'2D Model, Standard Back Cover, 4.5 m' 15 ft Cable Magellan 3200VSi, Kit, IBM USB Scanner, 1D/2D Model, Standard Back Cover, 4.5 m/ 15 ft Cable DATALOGIC ADC, MAGELLAN 3200VSI, KIT, IBM USB SCANNER, 1D/2D MODEL, STANDARD BACK COVER, 4.5M/15FT CABLE (Datalogic (PSC) Magellan 3200VSi)


Data collection terminal CipherLab 8001 (A8001RSC00011) is a device that allows you to quickly collect orders, issue tickets and track routes. It is easy to operate and has an attractive design.

The main features of the device are:

  • compactness and light weight - the device can be easily carried with you, it takes up little space;
  • user-friendly interface - allows the user to easily manage the terminal;
  • scanning speed - 100.0 (scan / sec);
  • large battery capacity - 0.7 (A / h);
  • resistance to temperature extremes - withstands from -10 ° ? to + 60 ° ?.

The device is powered by a battery. It can work without recharging for a long time. Call, order the device in the ART-NET online store.  

The Scantech ID Mica M-9030 is a very compact and high performance omni-directional laser barcode scan engine ideal for built-in and Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) applications. With 24 scan lines in 6 scan directions and 2000 scans per second, the Mica M-9030 provides an outstanding scan performance and makes it very easy to scan all common type 1D barcodes, including GS1 DataBar, independent of its orientation. The optimized compact design makes it very easy to integrate the Mica M-9030 in many built-in and OEM applications like kiosks, ATM’s, return vending machines, price verifiers and access control terminals. The Mica M-9030 has a multi interface, user upgradeable software and auto-sense which saves costs and improves life time. If you are looking for a compact, easy to integrate barcode scan engine with an outstanding scan performance, then the Mica M-9030 is the answer.

Maken Economical Cash drawer, Black, 24V, Epson RJ11 Printer Kick, with Micro-switch, Removable / Adjustable cash tray 4-bill / 8-coin

Maken VK-4101 Cash Drawer - Black, RJ11 / RJ12 Printer Kick Interface, Adjustable Bill (4) & Coin (8) Compartments, 1.5m Detachable Cable, 3 Position Integrated Keylock, Media Slot, Economical Heavy Duty Guage SteelDimensions: 410mm(W) x 420mm(D) x 100m

With our oldest devision we produce high quality cash drawers. A variety of models with a wide range of dimension, design, colors and cable interface options are available to meet your specific requirements.

Coin/Bill Tray: (adjustable) 8-10C / 4-5B (Metal Wire Gripper) 8-10C / 6B (2 Metal Wire and 4 ABS Vertical) 8-10C / 6-8B (ABS Vertical, adjustable) Open Mode: Electric Solenoid Release: 12V-24V Interface: RJ11 Material: Metal Accessories: Insert Tray Media Slot: 1 Lock Key: 3-Position Manual Lock. Cash Tray Size: 359*326*63mm Dimension: 410*415*100mm (W*D*H) Net weight: 7.2Kgs