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Point of Sale

POS 365 is second to none in the world of POS applications, POS 365 has several modules which adds to the POS 365 uncountable functionalities such as Delivery, Table Reservation, Stock Control, Receipts, Payroll, Accounting, Marketing Campaigns and many more. POS 365 is an OS agnostic application, meaning that can runs either in IOS, Android or Windows. POS 365 also can by subscribed as a service in the cloud. .

Touch365 is loaded with useful features, each one with its own meaningful purpose. We listen to our users and integrate their feature requests on a regular basis. Touch365 is not only built by us, but also by our users.

touch365 point of sale business solutionsEasy to use Till Module

The Touch365 Till module has all the Till functions on one single screen. Full keyboard and mouse functionality is easily supported. The simple and intuitive interface allows for easy understanding and minimal Teller Training.

touch365 point of sale business solutionsCompatible with Windows Tablets

Whether you are looking to extend your POS solution, enhance customer experience or improve the efficiency of your operations, combining Touch365 with a Microsoft Windows Tablet PC is the ideal fit. The tablet is the perfect balance of mobility and durability.

touch365 point of sale business solutionsCustomer Loyalty Cards

Build, retain and reward your customer base with a loyalty card. Touch365 Point of Sale provides easy tracking of loyalty card carrying customers, points based earning system as well as a simple redemption of loyalty points.

touch365 point of sale business solutionsDebtors Module

Retailers need systems that give them the flexibility to create different debtor types.  Touch365 Point of Sale caters for granting credit limits and variable date driven terms to trusted entities with a proven track record of payment; as well as creating cash debtors.

touch365 point of sale business solutionsBack-Office Management

Taking the hassle out of managing your day to day operations as well as sales reports and accounting,  The Touch365 Point of Sale Back Office Module provides daily and monthly utilities, reports, reprinting, cash-ups and much more.

touch365 point of sale business solutionsSuppliers Module

The Suppliers Module tracks all purchases from the various suppliers. This module is important in terms of tracking the last price paid for items purchased, the volume of business per supplier and outstanding payments to suppliers.

touch365 point of sale business solutionsInter Branch Transfer (IBT)

The IBT module is suitable for any business with more than one branch, where the transfer of stock between the branches needs to be accurately tracked. 

touch365 point of sale business solutionsAdvanced Reporting Options

Detailed sales reporting showing turnover, profit and margin % allow for absolute control and insights into the operations of the business.

touch365 point of sale business solutionsLegacy POS Conversions

Is your current POS system not giving you the most out of it? Contact us today to find out if we can convert your existing data over to Touch365 Point of Sale